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Katie Lawrence

CEO Animal Rehabilitation & Health Academy

Katie Lawrence Equine

Like you, I am dedicated to the wellbeing of animals. There is nothing quite like the feeling I get when I provide the way forward for an animal who has broken down on the road to recovery.  For almost 20 years I have taught physiotherapy and rehabilitation over which time I have developed frameworks and methods which provide a structured and clear way to learn what is a vast and often complicated subject.  

I specialise in bridging the gap between the science and the practice.  First and foremost I am a practitioner, I am not a natural academic. I understand the challenges you face making sense of the research and most importantly applying it to your practice.  I will teach you an approach to rehabilitation that will mean you can prescribe exercise to any horse or dog, in any circumstance, with absolute confidence that you are providing the very best rehab programme for that individual.

I live in Marlow in England with my partner Paul and beautiful children Archie and Annie.  My clinic is at our stables in my home city of Oxford.  We have four horses and Maisy, our precious Labrador.  When I am not at my computer I can usually be found riding or walking the dog!

I live and breathe animal rehabilitation and care. Biomechanics and correct exercise has been a fascination of mine since I was a teenager. The musculoskeletal system is so often the root cause of pain and suffering and I am so grateful that I have the knowledge and skills to help animals get out of the cycle of pain, dysfunction and injury.  

My mission is to share my knowledge and methods far and wide, so that many more animals can reap the benefits of rehabilitation and corrective exercise. Thank you for helping me!

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Quick points about me: