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Get Certified in Equine Exercise Rehabilitation

Professional Development for Equine Therapists

Learn how to provide effective rehabilitation for horses and give them the best possible chance of recovery from injury.

Develop your skills and grow your equine therapy practice with our Advanced Diploma in Equine Exercise Rehabilitation.

Equine Rehabilitation

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Advanced Diploma in Equine Exercise Rehabilitation

As an equine therapist who wants to stand out as a specialist in equine rehabilitation, this course is for you.

The Advanced Diploma Equine Rehabilitation is the only CPD/CE programme of its kind, that not only shows you how to carry out rehabilitation exercises safely and effectively but also teaches you how to create progressive, tailored rehabilitation plans for a multitude of conditions and takes the headache out of programme development with our proven framework.

The Advanced Diploma in Equine Exercise Rehabilitation now includes the Certificate in Quad X® Equine Strength and Conditioning. Therefore, on successful completion of this course you will be permitted to use the title Quad X® Equine Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation Coach. You will also be eligible for membership to the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT).

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments of £242 x 12

Full Payment

Full payment at enrolment £2697 - saving of £200

See what others think about our equine courses

Caroline Bennetts
"I now have the confidence to work even closer with my local vets, drawing on the knowledge I gained from the Advanced Diploma I am able to provide a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation. Client feedback has been very positive."
Luke Engerer
"I loved studying with the Animal Rehabilitation and Health Academy and since doing so, I have built a nice client base which continues to grow. The course was very informative and Katie was always on hand for support."
Rebecca Falconbridge
"Katie was always 110% supportive and if we hadn’t grasped a certain technique she would always spend extra time to explain it. I really enjoyed the course and I now have a very busy practice working with race and competition horses."

What's included? Free with this course.....

Your own Exercise Video Pro account - Worth £39 per month

Access a huge library of equine exercise videos inside of our software. Add your practice branding and have a free rein to use your account to create your own templates and rehabilitation plans.

Exercise Video Pro Account
Anatomy in Action Video Course

Anatomy In Action Video course - Worth £120

This high definition video course by Horses Inside out really brings biomechanics to life. This library of beautiful videos provides an amazing visual learning experience which perfectly compliments your study of exercise rehabilitation. 

Module 1

Foundation in Equine Rehabilitation

During this module you will cover the fundamental principles of exercise rehabilitation for horses which will include:

  • What exactly exercise rehabilitation is and why it is so important
  • Assessment and reasoning – how you will work in the vet led team
  • Essential functional anatomy and exercise physiology
  • How the body positively responds to exercise and how to use this advantage
  • Therapeutic exercises to include those for: balance and proprioception, assisted standing and ambulation, strength and joint range of motion
  • How to develop rehabilitation goals and measure improvement
  • How to use our trusted framework to develop a rehabilitation programme
Module 2

Exercise Rehabilitation for limb conditions

In this module you will build on your foundation knowledge of exercise rehabilitation and learn how to create specific plans for patients with conditions of the limbs.  This module includes:

  • Biomechanics of lameness and the biomechanical application to the rehabilitation of limb conditions
  • Injury, repair and healing time frames 
  • Tissue disuse, remobilisation and conditioning
  • How to use therapeutic exercise for the osteoarthritic patient
  • How to use therapeutic exercise for conditions of the hindlimb including tendon, ligament and joint injury
  • How to use therapeutic exercise for conditions of the forelimb including tendon, ligament and joint injury 
  • Using the framework to create comprehensive rehabilitation plans for patients with limb conditions

Module 3

Exercise Rehabilitation for Spinal and Pelvic Conditions

In this module you will learn how to apply your skills and knowledge to develop and manage rehabilitation plans specifically for patients with conditions of the spine and pelvis. This module includes:

  • Kinematics of the spine and pelvis
  • Biomechanical application to rehabilitation of spinal and pelvic conditions
  • Postural control and dynamic stability
  • How to restore functional movement patterns through exercise – neuromuscular retraining
  • How to use specific ground exercises for rehabilitation 
  • How to use poles, other equipment and training aids for rehabilitation
  • Treadmills – how do they play a part?
  • How to use ridden exercise for rehabilitation
  • Using the framework to create comprehensive rehabilitation plans for patients with spinal and pelvic conditions

Module 4

Clinical Practice

This module will bring together the principles and practice of exercise rehabilitation and is where you will demonstrate your competency through case studies in your practice.  Your final assessments include:

  • Case studies – these will be carried out with clients in your practice and will demonstrate your understanding of the rehabilitation process from start to finish to include planning and ongoing case management
  • Video submission – to demonstrate your clinical competency and practical skills

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments of £242 x 12

Full Payment

Full payment at enrolment £2697 - saving of £200

Benefits of studying with us

Why should you choose to study with us?  Below are some of the reasons:

  • We have been doing this since 2003!  Your tutor, Katie Lawrence, is a very experienced specialist in veterinary education and veterinary physiotherapy/rehabilitation and has been training equine physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists since 2003. Katie’s unique combination of expertise means that she knows exactly what you need to know and exactly how you need to learn it.
  • Free access to supporting literature and research – with your course membership you have access to relevant research, some of which is not freely available 
  • A free account to our Equine Video Pro Software during your case studies so that you can develop and build your own branded rehabilitation templates.
  • Support and community – You will become part of our private facebook group just for our equine rehab students.  Here you will have the support of your classmates from all over the world!  We also have regular live sessions where we discuss points of interest and cases.
  • Direct access to Katie for any help and advice with cases or any other area of your study.  You are fully supported throughout your training. 
  • Quality assured CPD/CE – Anyone can put together a CPD and sell it online.  There are no compulsory requirements to adhere to. However, we want to make sure that you feel confident studying with us so our courses and our organisation is externally endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme which is part of the Skills and Education Group and we are an approved provider with the CPD group..  This means that we choose to undergo robust and rigorous quality audits by external auditors to ensure the quality of our courses and provision is continually met.

Meet Your Tutor

Registered Veterinary Physiotherapist, Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, Specialist in Veterinary Education - Katie Lawrence

Like many of you, horses are my world. I was on horseback before I could walk. My passion has always been the welfare and comfort of the horse and I have been a veterinary physiotherapist for 20 years.

First and foremost I am a practitioner, I am not a natural academic. I understand the challenges you face making sense of the research and most importantly applying it to your practice. There have been many times I have left a lecture theatre or conference wondering ‘how does this apply to me and my equine patients?’. I have trained so many people over the years in this specialist field that I know exactly what struggles you face as a therapist and I know what you need to learn in order to deliver the very best rehabilitation therapy for the horses in your care.

Quick points about me:
  • I have been a Veterinary Physiotherapist for 20 years and have been training Equine and Canine therapists and Veterinary Nurses since 2003.
  • I am the founder of the Quad X® Equine Strength and Conditioning Method.
  • I have developed many courses including vocational diplomas and an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy (BSc Hons).
  • I have been involved in industry regulation for many years and regularly sit on validation panels and on course approval boards.
  • I developed the first ever blended learning Veterinary Physiotherapy Degree
  • I have a specialist qualification in Veterinary Education from the Royal Veterinary College, London (RVC). I was the first Veterinary Physiotherapist in the world to be awarded this qualification.
  • I hold a Postgraduate Qualification in Equestrian Rehabilitation and Performance.
  • I was a founding board member of the Animal Health Professions’ Register (AHPR).
  • I am a lifetime Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • My mission is to improve awareness of equine rehabilitation and exercise therapy far and wide, so that more horses can reap the benefit. Thank you for helping me. Read more about Katie.
Katie Lawrence Equine

Katie's professional Memberships

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments of £242 x 12

Full Payment

Full payment at enrolment £2697 - saving of £200