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Equine Exercise Rehabilitation

This bite-sized CPD is for practitioners wanting to learn more about exercise rehabilitation for horses.

This 6 hour CPD will provide an overview of the common areas for the application of exercise in the rehabilitation of horses with spinal and limb injury.

Corrective exercise is a largely underutilised therapeutic application in the treatment of horses.  Manual therapy goes a long way in treating symptomatic issues in relation to musculoskeletal dysfunction but it does not address the root cause of injury and pain.  There are many aspects of movement and compensation that need to be addressed in order to remedy biomechancial imbalance which is more often than not, the underlying cause of injury.

This course will consider equine rehhabilitation exercises and protocols in the treatment of common limb, spinal and pelvic conditions as well the importance of strength and conditioning in the ridden horse and how we can prevent injury through corrective exercise.

Some topics covered will be: 

  • Targeted exercises for equine rehabilitation
  • Programme development and implementation
  • Rehabilitation for common limb conditions such as injury to the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT), suspensory ligament and degenerative conditions of the hoof and limb joints
  • Rehabilitation for common spinal and pelvic injury such as overridding dorsal spinous processes (kissing spines) and sacroiliac injury
  • Prevention of injury through corrective exercise
  • Use of treadmills, ground work, rehabilitation equipment and ridden exercise

Course Delivery – online

Time allocation and CPD hours – 6 hours CPD will be awarded at the end of the course. However, the course can be studied at the learners own pace and access will be open for 6 months.

Course fees – £97

Applicants should complete and submit the application form.