Become a Certified Canine Mobility Nurse

Advance your nursing skills and help your canine patients with mobility issues live a happier life with less pain.


Professional Development for Qualified Veterinary Nurses

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Certificate in Canine Mobility Nursing

As a Veterinary Nurse you are ideally positioned to provide additional therapy and care for your patients with mobility issues. As a Certified Canine Mobility Nurse you will offer mobility sessions in your practice to support owners of geriatric dogs or those with osteoarthritis and reduced mobility. 

There is so much that can be done to help patients live a happier life with less pain. Providing some basic physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as supporting the owner with advice around home and lifestyle changes, can significantly improve the quality of life of canine patients with mobility issues. 

This comprehensive course will walk you through how to set up your mobility service which will include massage therapy and exercise prescription. You will also learn how to provide essential education for owners so that they can better understand the daily challenges their dog faces and make small changes that will have a huge impact. 

On completion of this course you are permitted to use the ‘Certified Canine Mobility’ logo and will be eligible for membership of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT).

Certified Canine Mobility

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments of £199 x 6

Full Payment

Full payment at enrolment £997

See what others think about our Canine courses

Tracy Volante
"As an RVN, I felt that rehab would be a perfect extension of my skills. I now have many successful cases under my belt and I find this aspect of my job extremely rewarding!"
Julie Platt
"Not only do I now have a waiting list for appointments, I also provide clinical practice placements for Veterinary Physiotherapy Degree Students - which I love! "
Charlotte Jarman
"Fantastic course! Katie is extremely experienced and she provided support and encouragement throughout the time I studied with the Animal Rehabilitation & Health Academy."

What's included? Free with this course.....

Your own Exercise Video Pro account - Worth £39 per month

Access a huge library of canine exercise videos inside of our software. Add your practice branding and have a free rein to use your account to create your own templates and rehabilitation plans.


Online access to Canine Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation - Worth £72.99

This core physiotherapy textbook provides key information on all aspects of physiotherapy and rehabilitation including example rehabilitation plans and protocols with downloadable chapters


During this course you will cover

~ The causes of reduced mobility and underlying disease

~ Therapeutic exercises and exercise prescription

~ Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Exercise 

~ Massage and Range of Movement Exercises

~ Managing the mobility clinic

~ Home and lifestyle advice


Over the course of your study you will develop your own mobility plan blueprint to take away and use with your mobility cases in practice.

You will learn how to adjust the rehabilitation plan to suit the individual patient and what contraindications and warnings you need to be aware of. 

On completion of this course you will have everything you need to start running your Mobility Nursing Sessions.


Monthly Payments

Monthly payments of £199 x 6

Full Payment

Full payment at enrolment £997

Benefits of studying with us

Why should you choose to study with us?  Below are some of the reasons:

  • We have been doing this since 2003!  Your tutor, Katie Lawrence, is a very experienced specialist in veterinary education and veterinary physiotherapy/rehabilitation and has been training veterinary nurses in canine physiotherapy and rehabilitation since 2003. Katie’s unique combination of expertise means that she knows exactly what you need to know and exactly how you need to learn it.
  • Free access to supporting literature and research – with your course membership you have access to relevant research, some of which is not freely available and core textbooks, worth over £100 – one of which is the extensively detailed book ‘Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy’ written by experts in canine rehabilitation Darryl Millis and David Levine!!
  • Free access Canine Exercise Solutions Software which contains 100’s of instruction videos with experts from the University of Tennessee and Laurie Edge-Hughes from Four Leg Rehab Inc.  Access to this software is usually through a monthly subscription!
  • Support and community – You will become part of our private Facebook group just for our canine rehab students.  Here you will have the support of your classmates!  You also have direct access to Katie for any help and advice with cases or any other area of your study.  You are fully supported throughout your training.
  • Quality assured CPD/CE – Anyone can put together a CPD and sell it online.  There are no compulsory requirements to adhere to. However, we want to make sure that you feel confident studying with us so our courses and our organisation is externally endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme which is part of the Skills and Education Group.  This means that we choose to undergo robust and rigorous quality audits by external auditors to ensure the quality of our courses and provision is continually met.

Meet Your Tutor

Registered Veterinary Physiotherapist, Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, Specialist in Veterinary Education - Katie Lawrence

Like you, I am dedicated to the wellbeing of animals. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you can provide the way forward for a dog who has broken down on the road to recovery. So much of the pain and suffering seen in dogs comes from their musculoskeletal system and I am so grateful that I have the knowledge and skills to help them.

Quick points about me:
  • I have been a Veterinary Physiotherapist for 20 years and have been training Equine and Canine therapists and Veterinary Nurses since 2003.
  • I have developed many courses including vocational diplomas and an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy (BSc Hons).
  • I have been involved in industry regulation for many years and regularly sit on validation panels and on course approval boards.
  • I developed the first ever blended learning Veterinary Physiotherapy Degree
  • I have a specialist qualification in Veterinary Education from the Royal Veterinary College, London (RVC). I was the first Veterinary Physiotherapist in the world to be awarded this qualification.
  • I hold a Postgraduate Qualification in Equestrian Rehabilitation and Performance.
  • I was a founding board member of the Animal Health Professions’ Register (AHPR).
  • I am a lifetime Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

My mission for the last 18 years has been to share my knowledge and skills far and wide, so that many more dogs can reap the benefits of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.  Thank you for helping me! Read more about Katie.


Katie's professional Memberships

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments of £199 x 6

Full Payment

Full payment at enrolment £997